Tuesday, August 4, 2009


대학원생 및 연구원 모집

울산과기원 (유니스트) FIND 실험실에서는 석사, 박사과정 대학원생 혹은 연구원, 박사후 연구원을 모집하고 있습니다.
선발된 학생에게는 학위기간동안 장학금과 생활비가 지급됩니다. 재료공학, 물리학, 화학, 전자공학, 화학공학 전공의 학생이나 그외의 전공이라도 본 연구실에 관심이 있는 분은 언제든지 아래의 연락처로 연락하시기 바랍니다.

권순용 (교수)
울산과학기술원 (UNIST)
Email: sykwon@unist.ac.kr
Tel: (office) +82-52-217-2312

Group Mission
· FIND leads in the design and synthesis of frontier low-dimensional (0D,1D,2D) nanomaterials with atomic-level controllability to make innovative applications possible.

Group Members
· Principal Investigator: Dr. Soon-Yong Kwon
· Research Professor:  Dr. Jinsung Kwak         
· Ph.D. Course:   Ms. Se-Yang Kim (Ms/Ph.D Combined)
                         Mr. Yongsu Jo (Ms/Ph.D Combined)
                         Mr. Do Hee Lee  (Ms/Ph.D Combined)
                         Ms. Yeoseon Sim (Ms/Ph.D Combined)
                         Mr. Seunguk Song (Ms/Ph.D Combined) w/ Global Ph.D. Fellowship (GPF)
                         Mr. Shi-Hyun Seok (Ms/Ph.D Combined) w/ Global Ph.D. Fellowship (GPF) 
· Undergraduate:   Mr. Jaewon Wang   
· Alumni:          Dr. Jinsung Kwak (2013.2, Ph.D)  Currently at UNIST, Research Professor 
                        Dr. Jae-Kyung Choi (2015.8, Ph.D)   Currently at KISTI, Senior Researcher 
                        Dr. Jae Hwan Chu (2016.2, Ph.D)  Currently at UCSB, Postdoctoral Fellow
                                  Dr. Hyung Duk Yun (2018.8, Ph.D)  Currently at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Researcher
                        Mr. Tae-Yang Kwon (2014.2, Ms.)  Currently at Poongsan Corporation, Researcher
                        Mr. Go-Myoung Bae (2015.2, Ms.)  Currently at ADD, Researcher
                        Mr. Jong Hwa Lee (2017.2, Ms.)  Currently at Applied Materials Korea, Researcher  
                        Dr. Jae-Hoon Huh (2015.3, URS Fellow) 
  FIND and use your passion at FIND-UNIST. Passion never rests!!  :-)

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